Craft Tavern

For true beer lovers, the basement of Marina’s Ovella Negra hides a secret you can’t miss: our Craft Tavern. Born from a passion for craft beers and redesigned in 2019, this space is a celebration of brewing tradition and constant innovation.

With 11 meticulously selected drafts, we guarantee a dynamic experience, rotating beers to offer a palette of flavors that changes and adapts, satisfying from the neophyte to the most expert of brewers.

But the Craft Tavern is more than just beer. It’s a multi-sensory space: three giant screens to enjoy the best events, live concerts that resonate with the vibes of the city, and of course, our varied culinary offer with a good assortment of tapas, burgers and sandwiches.

So whether you’re a restless brewer looking for their next liquid gem or just someone in search of an authentic corner in Barcelona, ​​we invite you to immerse yourself in the Craft Tavern experience. Where every sip is a story and every visit, an indelible memory.